• Need Help Managing Your Benefits While Working?


    Uncertain How Earning Income Will Impact Your Benefits?


    BeneTrkr Can Help

    a new digital tool to help you track earnings and hours worked.


    Work with Peace of Mind!

  • Deciding to Work or Not?


    BeneTrkr features can help you:

    Educate Yourself


    Regulations for working while on benefits are hugely complex and complicated.

    Input Income Limits and Parameters

    Work-incentive programs are designed to encourage you to work.

    Track Earnings


     Track earnings and hours worked so that you don't lose them unintentionally.

    Alerting you when nearing limits can greatly reduce your anxiety level and worries about working.


    It's also a useful tool for benefit planners and other service providers to help their clients succeed.

  • Demo Prototypes

    Check out the demo prototypes for web and mobile at:







  • Team

    Michael G. Smith, Founder/CEO

    For over two decades, I have been involved in the development of innovative, community-based programs having a lasting impact on people’s lives. I have a passion for helping others understand how they can help themselves. Most projects have involved public/private/nonprofit entities and partnerships, on a local, state, and federal level, all for the betterment of the community. Throughout, I have been involved in a series of projects, each building upon or being integrated into subsequent programs, leading me to this point.


    BeneTrkr.com is taking elements of a project developed in the late ‘90’s for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWA’s) called Phoenix Rising HIV/AIDS Re-entry project (www.phoenixrisingreentry.org). When the new medications came out and people living with HIV/AIDS were no longer dying, there was a panic in the community that “now that I’m not going to die, what do I do now?” Years of planning to die had to be altered and reversed. Resources and assistance programs were identified to help them figure out how to return to living engaged and productive lives again. BeneTrkr.com wants to take lessons learned and expand them to the larger disability population and to the professionals who support them and beyond.

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